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I could not recommend the services of Dr. Clare Biedenharn, DMIN, BCC, without getting excited and emotional for the journey you are about to embark. Dr. Clare helped our clinical and operations leadership team to forgive, reconnect, and to become stronger individuals and team in the times of COVID-19.
Dr. Clare’s vast knowledge in critical care settings, and her many years of hands-on experience made it very easy to relate to our team, but probably her biggest asset is her spirituality and the way she is able to connect with all. She gave us that sense of ‘I am here for you’ while truly listening, triggering the most interesting discussions, and guiding us to find peaceful solutions.
I feel confident in recommending her services to any team that has been through crisis, trauma, or ‘just’ the day-to-day of healthcare.
Did I say she is also funny and easy to work with? Yes! Always willing to take the time to discuss concerns and respond to all questions.



Carla Robholz, Director of Continuing Care at Ashby Ponds



At a time when my spiritual life had grown cold, I turned to Clare for conversation, prayer, and–most importantly—words of grace. I found her book Reflect, Reconnect and Restore enormously helpful for my own faith journey and sense of calling, and I valued our conversations and reflection on its themes.



Lake Lambert, PHD