Nurses Rise: A preview of What’s to Come for Nurses’ Month on LinkedIn LIVE - May 4th, 2023

A young nurse holds hands with an elderly woman.

Hosted by Dina Readinger and Sharon Weinstein on LinkedIn LIVE

Guest panelists: Bonnie Barnes, Clare Biedenharn, and Antoinette Montalvo

A four-part series to honor all nurses for Nurses’ Month. Nurses provide care in a plethora of settings and while roles and responsibilities vary, we share a common bond. Given the challenges of the pandemic and beyond, Self-Care is more important than ever before.

Nurses' Month Celebration Session One: Self-Care on ZOOM - Friday, May 5th, 2023

You spoke – We listened – We gave you a voice. You make a difference! Dr. Clare appeared for the ultimate Nurses Month Celebration! The American Nurses Association has declared May 2023 the first ever Month devoted to Nurses, and we celebrated!

AFlame Ministry w/ Pastor Kathleen Panning - Rev. Dr. Clare Biedenharn - March 15th, 2022

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Dr. Clare speaks with Aflame Ministry podcast host, Pastor Kathleen Panning. An ordained minister for over 35 years, Kathleen Panning covers a variety of issues with Clare; chaplaincy, hospitals, and of course the importance of deep listening.

On the Edge w/ April Mahoney - Dr. Clare Listens Deeply with a Tender Heart - October 17th, 2021

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My study with critical care nurses in hospitals supported the idea that in both professional and personal settings intentional listening leads to deep connection. My new book, Heart to Heart: Spiritual Care Through Deep Listening, is a practical guide to listening as both an art and a practice.

Because I'm a Nurse - Nurses Reset and Reconnect with Heart to Heart - August 12th, 2021

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Heart to Heart: Spiritual Care Through Deep Listening by Clare Biedenharn is an amazing book that will help nurses center themselves, focus, and get back to our purpose. Things have been in turmoil these last several months due to the Pandemic.

Nurses have had no time to digest the happenings around them or to grieve properly. It has changed the our entire being. So let’s dive into Heart to Heart: Spiritual Care Through Deep Listening by Clare Biedenharn.

Talking Taboo - One Year Celebration - August 4th, 2021

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It was so fun doing Tina Ginn’s Hollywood Squares the first time that I had to make the reunion!

Come join our fun comedy show on Hollywood Squares, if you can remember back then!! We have various fun and serious questions for our 8 Guests that will make you think, but also laugh! Enjoy our 1-Year Anniversary!

Other guests on the show included:

Betsy Sloan, Laurie Hurtubise, Paul Forchione, Athanasia Houvarda, Tim Krass, Lina Bryce and Bobby Hedglin-Taylor.

Talking Taboo Podcast with Tina Ginn - June 23rd, 2021

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I so appreciated my conversation with Tina Ginn on her Talking Taboo Podcast in June, that I’m going back!

Tina Ginn is a professional app developer, financial expert and bestselling author. With this podcast, she shares everything she’s learned about emergency preparedness.

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Please find a copy of my one-page speaker sheet here. It’s available to print or copy as needed for any appearances.