Your Listening Partner knows it’s not always easy to commit to change, especially when that change needs to come from within yourself. That’s why we offer specific programs to work with nurses.

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It’s the end of your shift. It has been a stressful day. It’s time to process what all you’ve seen and felt today.  What should you do next?

You take care of everyone else.  It’s time to take care of you. Is there someone who can understand the sloppiness of your day – someone who can listen to you talk it out without trying to ‘fix’ you or the situation?

I can.

This is something I can do for you.


Download the informational pdf for complete details on my Spiritual Care Program.

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Your Listening Partner hears you. We know the trauma the ongoing pandemic has wrought throughout this last year. We need to acknowledge that trauma and examine it if we want to move forward.

Dr. Clare Biedenharn, DMin, BCC, author of the Amazon best-seller “Heart to Heart: Spiritual Care through Deep Listening,” is pleased to offer Reflect, Reconnect, Restore.

Healthcare providers have survived the initial impact of COVID 19. Now it is essential to prepare for both their short-term and long-term recovery.

One might wonder why addressing this problem is important. According to studies, those directly involved in medical incidents respond in one of three ways:

  1. Permanently leave the profession
  2. Numb out and continue doing what has been done before
  3. Use the effects of the trauma to adapt and choose professional and personal change

Each of these is a personal response to trauma. It affects the healthcare worker, the patient, and ultimately the organization in which the event happened.

That is why I am here to help. Click here to learn more about my RRR program.