Heart to Heart Audible Edition
January 26, 2021
Heart to Heart Special Pandemic Edition Workbook
January 26, 2021
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Heart to Heart Companion Workbook


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“What would you do if this were your family?”

As a nurse, you have heard this question dozens of times. For many, the natural inclination is to “fix” the problem by offering suggestions, but that approach is limited by our own experience and personal biases. There is a more effective way to provide spiritual care. It begins with a question, an invitation to connect.

In Heart to Heart, Dr. Biedenharn explores an ancient, proven, and effective model of listening, which she field-tested with critical care nurses. Through her work, she found that deep listening can lead to deep connection in health care. This spiritual connection doesn’t just improve patient outcomes, it also helps nurses reconnect with their call to service. And it all begins with a question….